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Community Event

Tru Dialogue pt. 2

For Immediate Release AN EMPOWERED YOUTH-CENTERED RESPONSE TO ADDRESSING YOUTH-CENTERED CONCERNS CAN ONLY BE ESTABLISHED THROUGH TRU DIALOGUE Indianapolis, In (February 3, 2018) – Bloom Project Inc., DONT SLEEP, Fay Biccard Glick Neighborhood Center, and Tru Colors join together to provide a platform for some of the most profound Indianapolis […]

Love and Hate: A critical conversation on gender relationships in the Black Community

There’s definitely a love hate relationship in the black community among the genders represented…but should there be where the conversation ends? Love and Hate is a critical conversation on gender relationships and the black community. When it comes to gender discussions in the black community, black folx are definitely not […]

What is the Black Lives Matter Movement? (Recap)

On February 28, 2017 at Indiana University Purdue University – Indianapolis, the Africana Studies Department sponsored an event for students open to the public entitled “…What is the Black Lives Matter Movement?” The event consisted of a lecture, a panel discussion featuring members of DONT SLEEP, Indy 10 and Showing […]

TRU Dialogue Recap!

“The Tru Dialogue event that took place on February 24th was a success. There were over 200 youth and adults in attendance, discussing what it will take to bridge generational gaps. The two moderators, Nicodemus Monts and Aaliyah Coe, did an excellent job of using their interpersonal skills and natural […]

TRU Dialogue is this Friday!!!!

On behalf of the TRU Dialogue Host Committee, we would like to send a thank you to everyone who has agreed to participate in this all important conversation on youth, by youth, for adults! We realize you must have questions, or even things you may seek clarifications regarding issues you […]

This Is Who I Am Campaign…(Where is the Love?)

In anticipation of the upcoming Where is the Love? event, we have began a social media campaign featuring local queer and trans people of color who also identify as Black and Christian to begin this conversation about the Black Community, The LGBTQ Community, and the Black Church. Where is the […]

TRU Dialogue: A Youth-Led Forum

A common complaint from young people and youth advocates is that adults spend alot of time talking at youth…speaking for them…or completely silencing them altogether. This panel is to shift the power of dialogue and conversation. The intention is to create an opportunity for youth to be able to speak […]

13th: Viewing and Discussion

In a partnership between OpportunIndy, Don’t Sleep, Bloom Project, and Ivy Tech’s Black Students United, there will be a screening of the documentary “13th” and, afterwards, a small discussion. The documentary focuses on the evolution of slavery and the “exception” to the 13th Amendment. This documentary covers a variety of […]

Race and Policing Discussion

Yesterday, we took part in a community panel at Ivy Tech Community College on the subject Race and Policing. Below is the video feed from the event as well as still photography.