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National Action

Erica Garner – A National Action

Indianapolis, IN- January 1, 2018. Saturday, the world received the news that Erica Garner had become an ancestor. It isn’t every day that you hear of a 27 year old woman suffering from a heart attack and being declared brain dead with no chance of recovery; although a Black woman […]

MLKSitIn Indy

 On July 31, 2016 DONT SLEEP took over the intersection of Martin Luther King Jr. Street and 30th Street and proclaimed that black lives matter while lifting the names of those lost to police brutality. We stood, we chanted and we sat in for over four hours in the blistering […]

Shoe drive to honor Tamir Rice

Join us as we stand in solidarity with the friends and family of Tamir Rice on the 1 year anniversary of his killing. To honor the life of Tamir and all those who have been killed at the hands of police action shootings in 2015, we will be collecting a […]

Toys 4 Tamir Toy Drive

Don’t Sleep is happy to partner with the Children’s Bureau of Indianapolis on this National Call to Action on Thursday, June 25, 2015. This June, Tamir would have been 13 years old. Below is a bit of backstory on Tamir Rice’s death: At 12-years-old, Tamir Rice’s life was brought to […]

#Justice4Rekia & All Black Women and Girls Vigil

Join us Thursday as we remember all the young black women and girls who were victims of state and localized violence. Names often erased from the Black Lives Matter narrative yet their families and loved ones still seek and deserve justice. If you’re interested in helping or contributing in some […]

Stand for Justice: #Justice4MackLong #IStandWithBaltimore #BlackLivesMatter

While local protesters gathered in a peaceful vigil remembering the life of Walter Scott, in our own city Mack Long died in a police action shooting on the near East Side. Many questions have risen surrounding his death and local law enforcement has not been transparent with the circumstances. Join […]