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Community Empowerment

Black Business Bazaar 3 Sign Ups

For over three years we have offered an opportunity for Black Owned Businesses to shine, connect and most importantly, MAKE MONEY! Come take part in an enclosed marketplace comprised entirely of Black Owned Businesses where goods and services are exchanged or sold! REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED

Statement on NAACP American Airlines Travel Advisory

Indianapolis- On August 2, 2017, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People issued their first travel advisory. This advisory, the first in the history of the NAACP, advised African-Americans to exercise ‘extreme caution,’ when travelling in the state of Missouri. ON Wednesday, just two months after its first […]

Operation Care-Kit (February Recap)

Thank you to all who helped, donated and participated in the creation of “Care Kits” to distribute to our less fortunate siblings and those experiencing homelessness in Indianapolis. Special thanks to IUPUI Students and members of Phi Beta Sigma, Fraternity Inc.’s AEA chapter as well as our co-sponsors for this […]

Stop the Cycle (black lives matter, intracultural crime and collective economics)

So ya’ll boycotting? Yes. And ya’ll doing this Block Party? Yes. And you got a petition with police brutality reform policies? Yes. Well that’s cool and all but what are you doing about black on bl– *smack* j/k… But really. Crime is crime. Done. Proximity violence is almost always intra-cultural. […]

B.O.B. Block Party Vendor Sign Up

Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, registration for this year’s BOB Block Party has closed. Please be on the look out for future events and opportunities.

Not 1 Dime Boycott Explained

Until the following stores A.) Divest from insourced prison labor and B.) Affirm that ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬, we are boycotting all the following establishments. We will not spend ONE SINGLE DIME in stores or with corporations that complicity benefit from the weapon of anti-blackness that is mass incarceration. Walmart Victoria’s Secret Whole […]