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Toys 4 Tamir Toy Drive

Don’t Sleep is happy to partner with the Children’s Bureau of Indianapolis on this National Call to Action on Thursday, June 25, 2015. This June, Tamir would have been 13 years old. Below is a bit of backstory on Tamir Rice’s death: At 12-years-old, Tamir Rice’s life was brought to […]

Fire Chicago Police Detective Dante Servin (Petition)

Sign Here We, the signers of this petition, demand that the Chicago Police Board permanently and immediately terminate Detective Dante Servin’s employment with the Chicago Police Department. Why is this important? On March 21, 2012, Detective Dante Servin fired shots into a group of unarmed young Black people, killing then […]

#Justice4Rekia & All Black Women and Girls Vigil

Join us Thursday as we remember all the young black women and girls who were victims of state and localized violence. Names often erased from the Black Lives Matter narrative yet their families and loved ones still seek and deserve justice. If you’re interested in helping or contributing in some […]

Stop The Madness: Repeal RFRA Rally

LGBT Hoosiers & Allies March on NCAA “Final 4” For Equal RightsLGBTs and supporters marched on the NCAA “final 4” and the state capitol building in Indianapolis yesterday to demand full repeal of the anti-LGTQ “Religious Freedom and Restoration Act” yesterday. They are demanding statewide protections for LGBTs. In this […]