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MLKSitIn Indy

 On July 31, 2016 DONT SLEEP took over the intersection of Martin Luther King Jr. Street and 30th Street and proclaimed that black lives matter while lifting the names of those lost to police brutality. We stood, we chanted and we sat in for over four hours in the blistering […]

Stop the Cycle (black lives matter, intracultural crime and collective economics)

So ya’ll boycotting? Yes. And ya’ll doing this Block Party? Yes. And you got a petition with police brutality reform policies? Yes. Well that’s cool and all but what are you doing about black on bl– *smack* j/k… But really. Crime is crime. Done. Proximity violence is almost always intra-cultural. […]

B.O.B. Block Party: Volunteer Sign-Up

Thank you for your interest in volunteering, but registration for volunteering at this event is closed

B.O.B. Block Party Vendor Sign Up

Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, registration for this year’s BOB Block Party has closed. Please be on the look out for future events and opportunities.

Equity or Else 2016

In a joint collaboration addressing issues of police misconduct nationwide, DON’T SLEEP and INDY 10 have compiled a list of action items necessary to instill trust in law enforcement and work to guarantee fair, equitable and accountable policing. We understand the highly publicized murders of hundreds of black men, women […]

BLACK LIVES MATTER//Indianapolis Protest

In the interest of lifting our combined voices to protest the unjust murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, Black Lives Matter organizations; DONT SLEEP and Indy10 Black lives Matter will join forces with local community activists, college students, concerned clergy and more to raise our fist in solidarity with […]

Not 1 Dime Boycott Explained

Until the following stores A.) Divest from insourced prison labor and B.) Affirm that ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬, we are boycotting all the following establishments. We will not spend ONE SINGLE DIME in stores or with corporations that complicity benefit from the weapon of anti-blackness that is mass incarceration. Walmart Victoria’s Secret Whole […]