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Equity or Else 2016

In a joint collaboration addressing issues of police misconduct nationwide, DON’T SLEEP and INDY 10 have compiled a list of action items necessary to instill trust in law enforcement and work to guarantee fair, equitable and accountable policing. We understand the highly publicized murders of hundreds of black men, women and children, many of whom were unarmed is a deleterious trend that needs to be addressed proactively so that incidents like what happened to Freddie Gray, Rekia Boyd, Walter Scott, Phillip White and many others never happens with impunity here in Indianapolis. To achieve this, we have pinpointed four key areas that police must adopt in order to bring about change proactively:

• A revision of training curriculum – i.e. standard use of force including specific weapons such as (Taser, pistol, police dogs, etc.), as well as the handling youth and/or juvenile delinquent offenders, drug addicts and the mentally ill.
• Extensive mandatory training in the following areas: Nonviolent Crisis Intervention and Racial Equity Training

• IMPD to issue a statement on “use of force” standard affirming that officers will use the minimum force to subdue people.
• An annual report on deadly (and excessive) force & disciplinary outcomes. We want IMPD to always report officer involved shootings to the Department of Justice, as well as making it available and searchable to the public.
• All IMPD department policies, summonses and arrest including demographics made public
• A review and revisions made to House Bill 1019 to provide clarity on problematic and nebulous language contained therein (i.e. what constitutes two views for family members of a citizen who dies as the result of a police action shooting. Can the tape be paused, rewound, and replayed or does that then count as two viewings).
• An annual community review on the use of Hot Spot Policing

• Residency Requirements for Law Enforcement Officers as well as a re-institution of foot patrols as an alternative to “community policing” viewed through the lens of the Cop Next Door housing program.
• Institution of Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) or similarly constructed arrest-referral program in Indianapolis – diversion efforts designed to redirect low-level offenders engaged in drug or prostitution activity to community based services instead of jail and prosecution

• A Citizens Police Complaint Board (CPCB) that is constructed by open election and not internal appointment by the City County Council, Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) and the Mayor.
• Authority over disciplinary decisions and penalties to be shared with the CPCB and the Chief of Police and not the Chief of Police exclusively.
• Indiana Governor to issue executive order to establish special prosecutor to oversee all criminal investigations regarding officer involved fatalities and in-custody deaths.
• Indiana Governor to veto any laws that allow police unions to make disciplinary action a part of contract negotiations.
• Legal Defense for Police Action Shooting Deaths to be provided exclusively through the FOP Legal Defense Fund and not tax-payer dollars. Officers who elect not to join the FOP should pay for defense from their own financing.

We the undersigned are urging key stakeholders to address the aforementioned items with the level of urgency it deserves. We believe these measures will ensure fair, equitable and accountable policing for all citizens.


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