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Stop the Cycle (black lives matter, intracultural crime and collective economics)

So ya’ll boycotting?
And ya’ll doing this Block Party?
And you got a petition with police brutality reform policies?
Well that’s cool and all but what are you doing about black on bl–

j/k… But really.

Crime is crime. Done. Proximity violence is almost always intra-cultural. Crime exists where poverty exists. Poverty exists within many communities of color. A condition rooted in white supremacy, exacerbated by gentrification, racial disparities and many other deleterious factors. Hence leading to criminal activity, combined with the already prevalent criminalization of blackness which invites policing of the innocent as heavily as the guilty (often with no discernment between the two). Corporations such as the ones we are boycotting have either profited from the mass incarceration of those criminalized or helped to enact laws which make it easier to be incarcerated than to vote. Upon release; it is next to impossible for reformed individuals to find honest employment. “Felon” has been made into an epithet same as the N word. When there’s no work and prisons only want your cheap labor with no investment in your rehabilitation; you come out a better criminal than when you went in many times and fall into the same patterns as before with fewer or no alternatives.

So we’re targeting companies that contribute to the cycle of oppression and the prison industrial complex.
We’re uplifting black businesses and promoting black economic empowerment.


We’re working to change policy and policing to end the criminalization and profiling of black people.

Equity or Else Handbill 2

They’re all interlinked. Instead of criticizing; get educated and get involved. There’s enough work for us all.

Dominic Dorsey

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