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End the Violence Recap

Today’s City-Wide End the Violence Rally was necessary…
It was a call to action and a display that regardless of age, race, side of town or station in life; collectively we are committed to ending the violence from our own spectrum of influence by speaking up when we see something wrong in defense of ourselves and others. By becoming defenders and protectors of our community; we actively take part in combatting the patterns of abuse and turmoil as a result of gun violence. Thank you to everyone who came out.
S/O to all of our speakers;
State Representative, Robin Shackleford
Congressman Andre Carson
Isaiah Holman (founder of the Keep Calm and Stop Youth Violence movement)
Jacob Harris (Bloom Project, Inc.)
Taran Richardson (Bloom Project, Inc.)
Nicodemus Monts (Stop the Violence Indianapolis,Inc.)
DeChelle Turner (STVIndy)
Dr. David A Hampton
The Big D Percussion Drumline

And of course Ms. Christa Frazier…
Who’s strength is unparalleled and her courage unflappable. Saying what NEEDS to be said, transparently describing who specifically failed Dijon despite her cries for help and what we need right this moment. I can still hear her voice in my ears. How it trembled talking about her baby. Her best friend. A boy who made a promise to his mother left unfulfilled due to senseless gun violence. A young man with dreams and a bright future. Closure denied because knowledgeable persons won’t step forward. Dijon’s and Angel’s killer NEEDS to be brought to justice. People know something. If you have information and are unwilling to share; you are just as responsible for the pain and suffering this callous cold-hearted killer has caused.
City of Hope Church has put forth a $2500 reward for any information leading to their arrest. But it shouldn’t take all that. Just imagine if it were your family. Do the right thing because its the right thing, or your family could be next. You could be next.We know someone saw something. We know who saw something. We need them to speak up. We need the parents to urge their kids to come forward. We need those who are so arrogant as to believe that they will never feel the sting of injustice by having your blood relative’s life stolen from you. Your child. Aunt. Sibling. Parent. Cousin. Etc. even a close personal friend…anyone you care for. You would want someone to use their voice and share any information that would bring about justice. DONT SLEEP stands with you and Ashley Farris and all those family and friends and well wishers nation -wide seeking justice. They will not sleep until the killer(s) are found. Nor will we.
You have a job to do. Your community belongs to you. You must defend it. You must demand peace through action.
Start today.

#DijonStrong #3
#EndTheViolence #ETVIndy
Bloom Project, Inc.
The Ross Foundation
Cease Fire Indy
#TheBeatCares 93.9 The Beat
s/o to NatKat Photography for the dope stills…

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