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Why We Can’t Wait

Its a damn shame that community advocates and activists are moving faster than the IMPD and FBI investigation. Aaron Bailey was murdered on June 29th. It’s been almost a month with not even an incident report has been filed. The perpetrators are underground and off the grid. No photos or […]

Revitalizing the Village

As we gear up for the upcoming school year, we recognize that there will be many opportunities and challenges ahead of us. We want to ensure that our students, our parents and our educators feel empowered to face whatever comes their way! To that end, It is important to continue […]

Liberation Weekend: Emancipation Address

About the speaker: Elle Hearns is a organizer, speaker, strategist, and writer. Elle’s voice as a community organizer and speaker were formed from her upbringing in Columbus, Ohio as a youth organizer. Ms. Elle is a co-founding member of the Black Lives Matter network an organization formed with multiple local […]

Mayor Hogsett makes commitments for “change”

In a previous post we addressed the demands laid out to IMPD Cheif Bryan Roach in response to the shooting of Aaron Bailey. The Cheif made commitments in response and the Mayor vowed to make commitments as well. Days later, in a scheduled press conference, the Mayor specifically addressed detailed […]

We Demand Justice Recap

  On Saturday, July 15th, several hundred citizens gathered on the south lawn of the Indiana State House to lift their voices and demand changes from local government. Many organizations came alongside the effort with statements of support, including IndyCAN, Indy Pride, Nu Black Power South Bend, Black Lives Matter […]

Indy Star corrects errors criminalizing Aaron Bailey

Often in activism, we don’t see progress immediately. Change comes slowly, if ever. This past week has been an exhausting battle to hold the media accountable for the reporting on Aaron Bailey’s murder. Two specific news outlets, WRTV 6 and the Indy Star reported “facts” on the Bailey case that […]

Donate to the Aaron Bailey Memorial Fund

People have been asking for tangible ways they can support Aaron Bailey’s family after his life was stolen at the hands of IMPD officers. The family is doing everything they can to give him a proper home-going but we need your help. The following youcaring link has been set up […]

We Demand Justice! #Justice4AaronBailey

On Thursday, June 29th, 2017, shortly after 2:00 am, IMPD officers stole the life Aaron Bailey, a 45 year old unarmed Black man. After being pulled over for a supposed traffic violation and being detained for nine minutes, at some point during that stop, Bailey sped from the scene before […]