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Indy Star corrects errors criminalizing Aaron Bailey

SatchOften in activism, we don’t see progress immediately. Change comes slowly, if ever. This past week has been an exhausting battle to hold the media accountable for the reporting on Aaron Bailey’s murder. Two specific news outlets, WRTV 6 and the Indy Star reported “facts” on the Bailey case that were incorrect. Their reporting placed the blame on Aaron and gave IMPD a justifiable reason to kill him. This was incorrect. We went battle to ensure that they corrected these articles. And today, I am pleased to say that not only did they go back and remove the incorrect information from the articles, but the Star actually did a follow up article to clarify that the facts in the case aren’t as clear as IMPD first said.

I sent an email to both IMPD and the Indy Star over the false reporting. Neither entity responded to the email. But they both took action in clearing up the false narrative. That’s my end goal. Justice for Aaron. And while they won’t publicly say that our pressure made them correct things, we all know it did. Keep it up. The fight is long and hard. And we have to take the battles that we do win as serious victories! This is why I say we do SO much more than just rally. We make changes. But we rally too! Join us tomorrow to put the pressure on Terry Curry for charges.

This is what activism looks like.

– Satchuel Cole
Vice President

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