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Mayor Hogsett makes commitments for “change”

In a previous post we addressed the demands laid out to IMPD Cheif Bryan Roach in response to the shooting of Aaron Bailey. The Cheif made commitments in response and the Mayor vowed to make commitments as well. Days later, in a scheduled press conference, the Mayor specifically addressed detailed items that will not just be reviewed, but changed:



1. (After mentioning the already established independent FBI investigation parallel to the IMPD investigation) an established priority for Chief Roach and IMPD to make transparency a priority

2. A change in use of force policies and a commitment to make them consistent with nationally developed best practices in the wake of incidents surrounding the country.

3. Institution of “Implicit Bias Training of the Trainers” including IMPD and the community in conjunction with the Office of Public Health and Safety. Utilizing nationally recognized experts who have worked with DOJ. This effort boasts to be “the first of its kind in the nation.”

4. The creation of a Use of Force Review Board which will review any incident where an officer resorted to the use of force in any measure (physical altercation, taser use, or use of firearm).

5. The creation of an Office of Diversity and Inclusion within the IMPD Training academy in efforts to provide wrap-around and continuing education that reflects the needs of the community.

6. A change to IMPD’s training curriculum and revision of the training curriculum for new officers.

7. A review of the Citizens Police Complaint Board to be sure the board services the needs and best interests of the citizens of Indianapolis.

This is not the end for us. While we do count many of these promises as progress, without a comprehensive timeline for completion and ACTUAL completion of these items, the fight is far from over.

We also acknowledge that the Mayor’s office has no authority over the Prosecutors office. Which means while our attention may stay focused on IMPD, we must intensify our efforts there. Which may mean escalating to involving the Governor to institute an executive order for a Special Prosecutor in all action police shootings as well as the elimination of grand juries in said proceedings.

We will take progress. We will take stock in this as progress. But we are far from victory so long as killer cops are able to execute siblings with impunity. For all those in the fight with us up to today, congratulations on your efforts, rest up for the continued fight ahead.



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