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Why We Can’t Wait

Its a damn shame that community advocates and activists are moving faster than the IMPD and FBI investigation.

Aaron Bailey was murdered on June 29th. It’s been almost a month with not even an incident report has been filed. The perpetrators are underground and off the grid. No photos or information about Dinnsen or Howard are online, like they’ve been scrubbed from existence while sitting at home on paid vacation for murder.

Meanwhile, in Minneapolis, MN where Justine Diamond was killed on July 17th, not only do we have photos of the killer cop responsible, Mohamed Noor’s photo is EVERYWHERE. His entire ethnography, history, etc. is on full display. They’ve verbally stated he should be terminated and the chief of police has even stepped down. Hell, they have Noor’s personnel file listed online: http://heavy.com/…/mohamed-noor-justine-damond-ruszczyk-mi…/

From 2005 to 2016, 87 people have been killed in police shootings here in Indianapolis. 41 were black men. (IndyStar)

in 2010, Brandon Johnson was beaten and bloodied after a police arrest. Public outrage. No terminations. No charges against any of the Indianapolis officers involved. http://www.theindychannel.com/…/teen-in-police-brutality-in… (of course Okey Doke Harrison and Williams had to throw their two cents in it)

Andre Green (15) was the sixth individual killed by IMPD law enforcement officers in August, 2015. Another young man who had multiple rounds fired at him, stuck in a dead end where eye witnesses point out he posed no physical threat. Investigations ensued with no vehicle or body cam footage per the usual. More questions than answers and community outrage faded into memory. http://www.indystar.com/…/carjacking-suspect-dead…/31398827/

June 2015, a grand jury cleared the officers who murdered Mack Long in April of the same year. He ran, yes. But because he feared he would die. He knew what we all knew, and the one time police body camera footage was available, it was so useless all it could show was a man tangled up in a brush covered fence fatally shot by two officers. http://fox59.com/…/family-says-man-feared-arrest-before-fa…/

December 2015, Christopher Goodlow, armed with a knife and surrounded by police officers with guns drawn standing in nothing but his boxers was gunned down by IMPD. Raising the question, why weren’t officers supplied with more non-lethal means of disarmament? And solidifying the statistic that people with mental illness are 16 times more likely to be killed by police. http://www.indystar.com/…/why-did-indianapolis-po…/77582484/

June 2016, IMPD officer Robert Chappel slammed a handcuffed 17 year old black boy into a wall because he didn’t have his ID in his own home. IMPD Chief Riggs at the time couldn’t explain why he was in the home and why no search warrant was shown. No terminations. No charges were filed against the officer, as Terry Curry elected not to prosecute.

We’ve seen countless instances of IMPD officers killing black folks without consequences. Waiting until the summer is over and fading their “investigations” into memory. The fight for justice for Aaron Bailey is for all of these young people, for all of these fathers, brothers, aunts and uncles. It’s because justice is ALWAYS delayed and then denied.

Its because a special prosecutor and no grand jury is the RIGHT thing to do and if Curry stands in the way of that he’s the WRONG person for the job. Period. I’m not sure any conversations to the contrary would make me feel otherwise.

You show me one incident where a white woman is deemed innocent from the onset, clearly murdered by police and her attorney is quick to label her as the “Most Innocent Victim of Police Brutality”. I can show you more than one innocent victim of police brutality:


and countless others…this is an issue that highlights white privilege, Islamophobia and also and unquestionably the denial that society places little to no value on the dispensing of Justice to Black People. There is no Innocent until Proven Guilty, it’s Guilty until Proven Innocent, and cops are pressing charges and handing out death sentences in spades with zero repercussions.

YOU may be waiting. WE are not. WE want answers. WE want justice. NOW…


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