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Statement on NAACP American Airlines Travel Advisory

Indianapolis- On August 2, 2017, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People issued their first travel advisory. This advisory, the first in the history of the NAACP, advised African-Americans to exercise ‘extreme caution,’ when travelling in the state of Missouri. ON Wednesday, just two months after its first advisory, the NAACP released a second. . In the release, the organization has advised the African-American community to not travel with American Airlines. The statement cites patterns of disturbing instances reported by African-Americans, resulting in the statement also stating that if you decide to travel with the airline you should exercise ‘extreme caution in booking and boarding flights,’ because you could be subjected to disrespectful, discriminative, and potentially unsafe conditions. It is important to note these advisories due to their proximity to each other and the climate of the nation.

Often we have people ask what we would do if we lived during the Civil Rights Movement, the response is ‘we do, we are currently living during a civil rights movement;’ and it is the practice of DONT SLEEP to do what is essential in seeking to end social injustice and political indifference, therefore we support the recent travel advisories and encourage our community to develop safety plans when travelling anywhere: establish a network of individuals you could call if something goes awry or seems suspicious, if you suspect that you are being followed make a call to someone you know will answer, make sure your phone is charged in case you are stopped, and finally follow your local/ national organizations for more tips and updates that are essential for safety.

This statement is released with a heavy heart, for in 2017 we should not still be fearful to live as Black people but nevertheless we shall equip ourselves to handle what oppression throws at us. As African-Americans, we have the unique ability to consistently rise and overcome our obstacles with perseverance and love. It is with love that we are able to persevere and it is with perseverance that we seek and will attain freedom. “You cannot separate peace from freedom because without freedom, there is no peace.” – Medger Evars

In Solidarity,

RaeVen Ridgell
National Action Chair-DONT SLEEP



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