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Erica Garner – A National Action

Indianapolis, IN- January 1, 2018.
Saturday, the world received the news that Erica Garner had become an ancestor. It isn’t every day that you hear of a 27 year old woman suffering from a heart attack and being declared brain dead with no chance of recovery; although a Black woman working herself to death for her community is all too common. Erica worked exhaustingly in the campaign for justice for her father Eric Garner. She was harassed, attacked, insulted, and dealt with daily issues a 27 year old should never have to deal with. Her belief in justice and liberty was and forever will be an inspiration to us all. We will never forget her passion for freedom. We who believe in freedom cannot and will not rest, but during this hour of sadness and familiar ache we must take the time to nurture ourselves. On Tuesday January 2nd 2018, we in DONT SLEEP are calling for a day of action. We request that you take the time to highlight and check on the women of color and femmes in your life. We recognize that in this society the individuals we are choosing to highlight are unsung and we seek to change this in 2018. We are striving to Save Our Sisters (S.O.S.). In war, our sacrificing heroes are rewarded the Purple Heart for their dedication, bravery, and commitment to freedom. On Monday we ask that you wear Purple in honor of our fallen soldier Erica. We request that you post a picture on social media and tag DONT SLEEP. We also ask that you include the hashtags #DONTSLEEP#EricaGarnerPurpleHeart , #SOS and #Imani. Imani is the last principle of Kwanzaa and it means faith. We have faith in our people, those who lead us like Erica, in the righteousness of our struggle, and in our victories. As aforementioned, we seek to Save Our Sisters all 2018, beginning with this day of action and celebrating the S.O.S. weekend we are hosting in March 2018, with details coming soon.
We hope that you have a happy New Year, we ask that you remain safe and responsible, and we salute those who stand with us on Monday. We are looking forward to celebrating and honoring the life of our new ancestor Erica Garner and cherishing the women of color and femmes who protect, love, and fight for us each and every day, often without recognition. DONT SLEEP will start by thanking the women in our organization who are tirelessly on the front lines and take care of home; we would also like to salute our fellow activists, mothers, wives, sisters, aunts, etc. for the work they do to keep us nourished. We hope that this will begin the trend of self-care, and nurturing that these individuals deserve. Thank You and God Bless

*** Disclaimer we do not intend offend anyone who has served or lost a loved one to war nor do we intend to offend anyone who has been a recipient of the Purple Heart. We simply intend to honor the works of our fellow activist and fallen soldier.***

-National Action Chair,
RaeVen Ridgell

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