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Tru Dialogue pt. 2

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Indianapolis, In (February 3, 2018) – Bloom Project Inc., DONT SLEEP, Fay Biccard Glick Neighborhood Center, and Tru Colors join together to provide a platform for some of the most profound Indianapolis youth to speak to youth mentors, policy makers, and law enforcement that impact youth. In Indianapolis, there is an overwhelming amount of victimization occurring towards our young citizens. In addition, new legislative policies, education policies and corporate code of ethic policies put in place at times implement unfair treatment and discrimination towards youth, to this end, it has become imperative that we focus on hearing youth input and ideas that foster better relationships. To foster better relationships between youth and political leaders, the coalition of organizations created the Tru Dialogue Pt.2: A Youth-Led Forum. Tru Dialogue is a youth led and youth driven panel discussion, geared to offer an opportunity for the young people of Indianapolis to demonstrate their power….Through their voice. The premise is that for true dialogue to exist, there needs to be greater understanding from the perspective of those most marginalized, in hopes that cross-generational synergy can produce answers to the significant challenges we face as a city.

A common complaint from young people and youth advocates is that adults spend a lot of time talking at youth…speaking for them…or completely silencing them altogether. This panel is to shift the power of dialogue and conversation into the hands of those most intimately affected. “We have to counteract negative images of our youth with positive dialogue and vision”. Tru Colors Executive Director Brandon Randall

On February 10, 2018, the Tru Dialogue will host a panelist of six young people ages 12-17 yrs. of age, and will include two youth moderators; among them Warren Central student Brandon Warren, founder of the organization We Live Indy. The three-hour event will include invited stakeholders, city officials, faith-based organizations, and decision-makers of youth programs. The format of the forum will consist of 45-minute session of dialogue allowing the youth panelist to answer pre-submitted questions and a 30-minute session facilitated question and answer session from the audience. Finally, participants will have an in-depth dialogue at each table with a youth facilitator to move the conversation forward, followed by a sharing out session. Per Dominic Dorsey, Activist and Leader of the prominent organization DONT SLEEP, “This forum is an intentional event that will demonstrate that addressing root problems are the only way to reach real solutions!”

The Tru Dialogue Pt.2 : A youth-led forum is Saturday, February 10, 2:30pm-5:00pm at Fay Biccard Glick Neighborhood Center (2990 W. 71st St, Indianapolis, IN 46268) doors open at 2pm. For more information on the event, please contact Arnetta Scruggs by email: arnetta@bloomprojectinc.org or by phone 317.758.8531.

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