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The Wake 2018

Tickets are now on sale!!!

100% of proceeds will be donated to the following local nonprofit organizations (Voices Corp, Center of Wellness for Urban Women, and Kephrw Institute) as well as $5 from every ticket sold being donated to The Bail Project in the name of Kalief Browder

Inspired by the book: In the Wake: On Blackness and Being by Christina Sharpe, “The Wake” combines Art and Activism in a way never seen in the city, let alone the state:

Featuring original spoken word pieces by:

Manon Voice
Gabrielle Patterson
Januarie York
Chantel Massey
Theon Lee Jones
Devon Ginn
Calvin Campbell
Jaydon Martin
Alexandria Swan Tuesday
Too Black
Tatijana Rebelle
DDE The Slammer
Theon Lee Jones
Mariah Ivey
Richard Bowman

Artwork pieces on display from:
Cora Magure
Deonna Craig
Rae Parker
Will Watson

A theater performance by Earl Townsend performing a monologue dedicated to Philando Castile directed by Megan Simonton

A theater performance by Chandra Lynch performing a monologue dedicated to Sean Bell directed by Megan Simonton

Music from Joshua Allen, Allison Victoria, Renee King, Okara Imani, Demetrees Hutchins, and Megan Simonton

A dance number performed by Toni Moore and Ronald Craig

And much more…

This event will be comprised of activists, artists, actors, dancers and musicians willing to construct pieces either deconstructing an overall system of anti-blackness, or as an ode to a black life taken by police brutality.

Join us for The Wake

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